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    any serious success with those varmits. Another higher than average temp. this winter let those things run wild. Yes, it is goghgetter,not volegetter.
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    Get rid of the food source....Put down something that controls grub worms...an do it often . If the grubs are gone . The critters will leave in seach of food!!!! I may be wrong ...but , this has been my practice..
  3. ECS

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    Lots of luck. They run in a cycle, something lke 5 years. I foung commom snap traps work about the best. Place them on the path and near the hole. I caught 30 in a weeks time around our place two years ago. There is a powder you can get, but it is rather pricey and is made from Fox, Bobcat, and Coyote urine and is time realeased and I had prtty good success with it last year. Last mow of the season, cut short to minamize the food and I have been told using sulphur on the lawn after the last cut also works. Do a search on Voles and there is some good info on it. As the vole population increases, so does the fox, coyote and birds of prey population. The powder is called Shake-Away and can be bought in the hardware or garden centers. They do have a site on the net to read about it.
  4. ECS

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    Thanks- I will check it out.
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    What did you use in the traps as bait? I been using pb & oatmeal mixture and apple slices. Can u place the trap back in the same spot or do they figure out to stay clear? I caught 2 in 2 days with the new mouse trap that has a hood that goes over the bait. THey lift the hood to get the bait and down comes the neck breaker. Something bigger must set it off everynow and then cause sometimes i find the bait on the ground and the trap sprung.
  7. Enviro Green

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    Voles only eat plant roots, they are herbivores.

    Moles are insectivores.

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    As Environ Green indicated...voles eat plant-based foods such as small roots, rhizomes, bulbs, grains, etc. and moles eat insect-based foods. A mole's diet approximately consists of 80% earthworms, 15% grubs, and 5% insect larvae. Use ZP Ag or ZP Pellet Bait for voles, both contain zinc phosphide. Use Talparid for moles, it mimics their primary food...earthworms. Be especially careful with the zinc phosphide products, because they are very toxic to non-target animals.
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    I gotta trap kill them. I can't have my lab getting at the dead voles filled with poison.
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    Not true.....

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