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  1. mark2

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    I normally use 2,4-D type products for broadleaf weeds. I am looking for something that is less volital (since the Japanese Maple....). I have heard of Lontrel. How well does it work. What other choices do I have. Please help before the weeds get any bigger! lol!
  2. Tropical Trim

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    Try Tri-Power by Riverdale. It contains no 2-4-d therefore eliminating the volitilization process. Hattrick is another mix that is good on brodleaf weeds. It also contains no 2-4-d and is made by UHS.
  3. morturf

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    Hattrick and Tri-power both contain dicamba which will volitize for e days after an application if the temp goes above 85. Be careful under trees with those....nothing personal just what happens here. Trying to help
  4. wd

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    Try Confront (Made by Dow, I believe) . It does a great job on broadleaf weeds and even does a better job on wild violets. It does cost more though and it will take a little longer for the weeds to croak.

  5. mark2

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    Thank you for taking the time to help. I appreciate it very much.

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