VOLT Introduces New Gutter Mount Kit


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North Port, FL

By popular request, we've put our heads (and yours') together to come up with a multi-purpose Gutter Mount Kit. The unique bracket itself is simple and elegant - able to be mounted in or near almost any gutter type.

The rest of the kit provides even more flexibility. It includes a number of threaded couplers and retaining rings. You can mount a fixture directly on the bracket or you can use a straight or curved (elbow) extension. The elbow is ideal when you want to mount the fixture to a roof (either flat or angled).

The bracket is also very handy for mounting a fixture on any vertical or horizontal surface. I would keep a few of these brackets in my truck for gutter mounts and for the odd situations where you might need them.

View the VOLT Gutter Mount Kit on the VOLT website.