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Voltage Inverter Questions



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Charlotte NC
Originally posted by NickN
You can't go by cold cranking amps.That is only the amps available over a 30 second period when starting.Look at the amp hour on the battery.(Deep cycle of course)
Batteries AH(amp hour) is based on a 20 hour rate of discharge.So a battery with 30AH rating has a discharge rate of 1.5AH.(30AH/20 hours = 1.5) Which means you could run a 1.5 amp motor for one hour before the battery is drained.
Just FYI.A deep cycle Optima battery is 65 AH peak.65/20 = 3.25 Amps per hour.So your 15 amp grinder is going to run about 13 minutes before your battery is drained ( one battery).For an hour of running time,you'll need 5 batteries wired in parallel.

Is the general consensus here for me to get some heavy duty ear plugs?

Does HD or Lowes sell sound insulation?


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I actually thought about getting an inverter for the truck in case I have to do blade changes (bent them in the field by hitting something) by using the elctric impact wrrench.


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Southern Indiana
Originally posted by dobehap
I'm really trying to see if I can get away with an enverter.... I know generators are great, but the NOISE, I dont like the noise...size to, but not as big deal as the noise.
Use a generator. Unless your mowers are hand pushed reel mowers, they are surely louder than most generators.


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If you're going to get a generator, buy the absolute, very best chain and lock for it - they're real attractive to folks that don't have a real job.