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Volume of Calls is Way Down


LawnSite Bronze Member
The number of calls I am getting has decreased dramatically from several a day to one every few days. I haven't changed or reduced my advertising. I think the problem is just that the number of willing customers without a service provider had dwindled. Does anyone have any suggestions on increasing my call volume?


LawnSite Fanatic
hay buddy....

I have been trying to "secoand guess" the public.... you cant do it...

one week I told me wife I would get like 3 call this week, " the week b4 it rained all week" and BAM I got 3 calls.... the next week was normal. I told her I would not get any calls this week.... and BAM 4 calls.....

week after that my phone never rang... I was thinking that I have reached all the customers I could with my advertising and would need to change my advertising media's.... well about 2 weeks later the phone rang off the wall...
" or in this case off the hip " I have been keeping a log of who and where, just for my own records... and there is NO ryme or reason to the way the public responds......

you very well may need to explore diffrent media path's. but you may need to Just hang in there, dont know if your keeping record of what ad's work and when customers call, but if NOT you may want to... it just gives you a little data to try to secoand guess the public....

Good luck and keep us informed


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Southern WI
I have had a reduced volume of calls as well.

I think everyone calls at the same time, a month or so after the grass starts growing is when I got a lot of calls. Now they've tapered off.

Now that a lot of people are set up for the season, you'll get less calls. That's my guess anyways.


LawnSite Member
This time of year most people have found their LCO but you can still find the people that started with a LCO but are not satisfied with the work being performed.

If you place an ad in the newspaper and target the unhappy clients with a title about "not happy with your current lawn care provider, give us a call we never disappoint." or something to that effect you'll start receiving calls.

Trinity Lawn Care LLC

LawnSite Senior Member
The calls usually slow down for a bit. You probably can expect another wave of calls when the heat has been blistering hot for a few days in a row. Once the heat is unbearable people will call. Also, as someone has already stated they will call if they are dissatisfied with their current service. You can pick up customers throughout the entire year, but there are obviously better times then others.