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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by corey4671, Jul 1, 2008.

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    ever had a customer tack on a volutary late fee? Customer called me last week to tell me they would be a couple days late with payment. IT is a community center and thre board members have to sign off on the check. DOn't ask me why. that's the deal. they were having trouble all getting together this month. I was fine with it. today one of the board members shows up, with cash and has added a 5% late fee on top of that. She told how great the yard looks and how much more reliable I have been than the last guy they had. thought that was pretty cool that she A) was honest with me that they would be few days late an B) added the late fee on her own.
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    ive had people do that once in a while. just had a guy write a check for 10 bucks more than he owed me. considering it was a huge check, this wasnt much, but hey it payed for enough gas to back outta the driveway tomorrow.
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    About 400 more of those and you can afford to put a turn around in your driveway so you dont have to back out.
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    Only when I realized they were looking to get out of paying the true fee, such as handing me an extra 5 bucks over top of say an NSF check, yes that has happened to me. And one might think I should be grateful that they at least paid the NSF fee but the simple fact is most business NSF fees are considerably more than 5 bucks so instead I'd feel rather put off...

    Same thing goes when I've already sent out the letter containing the late fee and right in the NICK of time it would've taken for that letter to get to them and they got it and oh HECK they got fired up and wrote the check and stuffed it in an envelope and mailed it off that very same day, and I can't prove it right? Right, so wow here I get a check with 5 or 10 bucks extra but then my late fee isn't no lousy 5 or 10 bucks either...

    I've also had folks send me payment twice before, that is, I get the second payment in about a week or a few days before I get the letter from the bank... And it's like here I am wondering why they'd send the same payment twice when in reality they knew before I did that it bounced.

    Because either they're into a late or NSF fee or they're not, they're either past that due date or they're still on time, why pay a fee if they're still a day before the late fee comes due, and so on... That is, for those of us who have actual late fees.

    Today, however, I don't have these problems.
    And I may have a customer shortage, but problems like these, no.

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