Vonage vs Viatalk

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RedWingsDet, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. RedWingsDet

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    I checked them both out, it seems that the viatalk is a better deal. Viatalk is about $100 cheaper per year with the same options/plan.

    I know alot of people use vonage, but has anyone used viatalk or better yet, both? And if so are there any problems with viatalk.

    I only need a phone line for my fax machine, so I just want the cheapest plan I can get.

  2. bcg

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    VoIP and fax don't go together very well. If that's what you plan on using it for, you're going to be disappointed with any VoIP provider.
  3. PaperCutter

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    If all you're after is a fax line, consider someone like TrustFax. They're sent to my computer as a PDF, and it's ridiculously cheap per month- and I have a toll-free number, too.
  4. topsites

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    I had Vonage but it was more trouble than it was worth.

    When there exists a problem that the usual methods do not fix.
    It's bad enough with Cable and the regular telco, but at least there is a local office, even then it can be royal.
    But when there exist no local representatives?

    First I never could get my original phone number to transfer, despite all assurances from both companies that this was as it should be.
    For 2-3 months I paid for both services waiting for this transfer to finalize, the status report said 'in progress.'
    Finally I just used the temp number, it works just as well as the primary, no problems there.
    By now I was about 60-90 dollars in the hole, not counting labor hours spent on the phone for support concerning this.

    Then I had to manually reset the router about once / month, the way I would know this was needed was if someone picked up the phone and noticed no dial tone, I am sure this meant any calls that came through in that time were lost.
    This alone was almost worth the 10 a month it saved me.

    I tolerated this for 6 months or so, wondering if after a year I'd recover my initial cost, figuring probably I should just write that off and be happy with the status quo. Tolerating the somewhat infrequent but regular resets was a test, thou.

    But the last straw was when it finally quit working for good.
    In my case I am pretty sure it was a router or related hardware issue, I could NOT get the phone to work.

    Oh don't start with me LOL, I must've walked through the reset procedure a dozen times myself before I even called their support line, believe you me calling customer support is always my last resort.
    But I had to call them, it would not work, yes everything else was fine.
    They walked me through the procedure as well, several times.
    I know, that's their job, humor them and do as I'm told, I did.
    Nothing, but lets try it again, a different way, probably six of those, each takes a good 4-5 minutes, 20-30 minutes here easy.
    They then transferred me to their 'elite technicians' or someone to that effect.
    Another hour spent going through the same f'n reset procedures.

    They then transferred me to their 'elite technicians' or someone to that effect.
    No, I did not just repeat myself by accident, that is what happened.

    One more time, reset process, please.
    I'd say I went through this thing 20 or 30 times all in all, I had it down good.
    Unplug router, wait 10 secs, unplug modem, wait, turn off pc, wait, etc, etc...

    He was about to start over, yet one more reset procedure.
    I went off.

    That was the end of it, it was late evening, one call to the local telco I had telephone service by 7am next morning.
    I probably spent 10-20 or more labor hours just hassling with it.
    But it did work good in between, for about 10 bucks a month less than my normal telco.

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