Voxer- Walkie Talkie App


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Just wanted to share an app that recently came out .


or download the app from market on your smart phone

You can have live push to talk or receive the message on your phone and listen/respond later. ( it saves messages too)

For small time companies I think this would be perfect if you don't have a nextel / walkie talkie service already..

I don't believe at the moment it has grouping available or group chat.. Maybe someday though?

For us right now all of us have smart phones-- my boss calls me and hopefully I'll answer.. If not he lives a voicemail on my phone.. This way it's much less informal and quicker to get message out to your techs.
I just emailed all of the crew and my boss about this. I hope they start using this! lol

check it out


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Problem for me is that both of my employees are technology challenged. Neither have smart phones, one doesn't own or use a computer, the other knows how to surf the interwebs and that is about it. I have talked to them about entering their daily invoices/receipts into Quickbooks, either online or at a shop computer, and I just don't know if they will get it done right. And neither really seem like they want to get more involved with the technology end of it, or the business end things. Makes it tough to push new technology on them.


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There's another app that is out there that is good on ANY smart phone android or apple. its called "tikl= touch to talk." I use all the time and free. then like i said , it can be used by any android or apple phone.

I've used this app also. Don't use it a ton but have no complaints about it so far.