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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by promower, Sep 22, 2003.

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    For those of you that read my thread on "Question for those who do snow removal" I gave my bid to The condo vice president. Quick rundown of the job was 26 driveways to be cleared before 6:30 a.m., return later in the day to clear ends of drives after city plows came through, clear area to meet postal requirements. No plow trucks to be used so grass on driveway edges are not damaged, 450' of sidewalk. My bid came to $656.00 intial removal, another $300.00 to comeback after city plows. This worked out to be under $40.00 per resident. Sounded fair to me, a little low but I thought if I really busted hump It would be about right. VP called later to say and I quote "I looked over you proposal and your snow removal rates are way out of wack, this is ridiculous, were you trying to insult my Intelligence or is this a joke?" Then asked me to rewrite the bid with reasonable rates and resubmit. I politely told him my rates were non-negotiable. This guy hasnt really given me any respect since I have met him he's an irrogant As*hole actually. He then told me if I wasnt flexible the bid was going straight in the trash, I said so be it I cant do it for cheaper, that was the end he hung up. No big loss kind of a relief actually. Also this guy is new he just got the VP job, and I was the first bid he received, think hes in for a reality check. I dont do a lot of snow bidding but was I really that far off? Figured about 9 man hours then another 4 if I had to return later. And remeber no plow blades, all but hand or snowblower.
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    Like I said before, I woulda taken a pass, not even bid on it. Too much hassel. Don't worry about it. If your area is anything like mine, there will be plenty of work for you to bid on.

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    My town is growing so quick that home builders cant even keep up. There are better jobs out there for me. We have one home builder in the area that puts up a house a day, unbelievable. Best part is my stepdad to be is a developer for this company told me when I get into the landscaping end of the buisness he will plenty of work for me. Thanks mike I know its lawnsite but when I posted a different question at plowsite I didnt get a respone thought it might be to early for people to be thinking snow.
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    You stuck to your guns with that guy--sometimes we just have to grin and bear it.
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    If I was reading that right, you planed to do all that with a shovel and snow blower?

    Now I'm starting to chuckle. Do a search on Poly-U edges at plow site. Then submit a new bid using a plow truck. Include in the bid that you are responsible for sod damage.
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    Tell him the bid stands and then include the plow w/ a Poly-U edge along with being responsible for sod damage. If he's going to be a PITA then charge him for it. It's always easier dealing with people like him if you're getting paid to listen to his crap. Trust me, you'll hear it as soon as the first snowflake falls.
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    Ok. I did a search on plow site and found a lot of people use poly u-edges but I still dont know what they are, there wasnt really any posts explaining them. I havent heard of them before, also It wasnt going to be just me and a shovel, I have a few friends laid off in the winter that want to help out. So there would be three of us on 3 snowblowers.
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    sorry, i couldn't resist.....you regulars know what I am talking about:D :D :D
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