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    Got to use my new Dixie Chopper x2503 today for the first time. All I can really say is WOW! Was using gravely 36" walk behind until now and averaged 11 lawns per day. Today 19! The scary thing about it is I am just learning how to use it. Mowed sloooowly so I didn't tear up any turf. Never used a ZTR before. I was kinda skeptical of all the hoopla about ZTR's but am now a firm believer!

    If any newbies out there have any doubt about the effectiveness of a good quality commercial mower, let me set your mind to rest. $7000 is well worth the money if you can get enough accounts to keep you busy. This mower will effectively increase my gross by 50,000 or more by next year, thats a 700% return on investment in one year.

    Thanks to all on this site and the owner of this site. It would have probably taken much long for me to make that kind of investment without the knowledge I have acquired on this site.
    :D :D :D
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    I'm glad your happy with it. Dixie Choppers are great mowers.

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