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VTS versatile track system/ s250


LawnSite Member
fargo ND
I would like any info on this system from someone that has this system. My Bobcat dealer does not like it at all. He said you have to disconnect the front drive chains, and said it is not a proven system. But I would like to get the wheel machine for winter snow removal. Then I would have better traction then the tracks on ice, I could have the 2 speed option, ect. But I need the track system for summer work. I also think the bobcat track machine clog with mud pretty easy, and this system looks more open. any feedback?


LawnSite Member
kansas city
A guy that I work with sometimes gas that system. I did a job with him once and he had them on one day and the next day he did'nt so I dont think you have to diconect the front chains. I think your saleman does not know after market skidsteer products to well. second, you cannot disconect the drive chains without taking halve of the machine appart.


LawnSite Fanatic
Marysville, WA
Taking the drive chains off is completely irrelevant to the VTS system. That's my biggest gripe with equipment salesmen, sometimes they really don't have the slightest clue about one product and they BS their way through a half assed argument against it. The beauty of the VTS system is that you CAN take it off very easily if the tracks aren't needed, probably takes no more than 30 minutes I would assume if you're quick with an impact wrench.