VW settlement will help your fleet be CARB compliant

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    If you have a diesel fleet in California with trucks older than 2009 than you know CARB has put you on a clock to get that older truck out of California. Usually it is your chipper hauler / dump truck they are forcing you to replace for no damn good reason. Well VW is getting slammed worse than you and they will have to pay 40% of the cost to convert your older diesel to natural gas ( 100% of the cost if you are a city)! This way you can keep your older trucks for their full useful life. The 40% can also go towards a new diesel truck, but you MUST destroy the old truck..meaning you have ZERO trade in value.
    The deal has a 30 day public comment period in the federal register first, then get signed by the judge. Figure two more months for CARB and EPA to create the bureaucracy (they get 10% of the $2.7 BILLION for admin), then the program will begin.
    www.northamericanrepower.com has the only CARB certified conversion for vocational trucks, figure they will post a link or get sign up going to get on the list for funding.
    Get your share before UPS and FEDEX get it all!

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    remind me to NEVER move to california
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