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W/B Belt vs. Hydro or Ztr

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Currently using 48 belt mower and will be picking up a new mower soon. I was looking for some input on how much more productive on average a Hydro mower will be over a Belt drive. I also will be using this new mower alot for leaf clean ups, so I was also leaning towards getting a new ZTR with a collection system on it. I guess my question is the ZTR worth the extra money over the Hydro W/B. Lesco has a 60" ZTR with the Peco collection system that I heard is priced right. Have any of you used this mower and collection system ? How was the quality of cut ? How much should this set up run me? I always here about Walkers, Exmarks, Scags, Hustler, etc. , But not much about Lesco ZTR. Is that because they are junk ? I either want to buy the ultimate W/B or a quality ZTR . Any sugestions are appreciated. You guys have been a great help so far. Thanks.
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just the price of a quality hydro WB would send me to the ZTR.

i have seen Toro 100 series (19 h 52") w/ a dump from the seat bagging unit of less than $8000 and i'm certain there are other deals out there also.
belt drive is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!

DEW on the grass in the mornings is enough to cause them to slip (at least ours, but then they are worn out)

I will never have a belt drive as my own personal primary mower, and hopefully never at all!
Belt drives are inferior on my current yards, i used a friends belt with bullrider sulky, could not turn for anything. Hydros are the way to go if you have the change.
I have used a belt drive for a year and a half. I would never buy another one again. They have their palce but it is not on my trailer. I would invest in a Z for efficiency purposes. I bought one and it has saved me an unbelievable amount of time. Just getting it off the trailer for one, and the amount of line trimming I have to do now as opposed to the belt drive (you can back it up into tight places. Definately go with the Z.
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