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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by battags, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. battags

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    I have a bobcat 20hp kohler hydro that seems to be loosing speed for some reason. I noticed about a 30% reduction in speed a few weeks ago with the pto off and it pulling me on the sulky (no, I have not gained any weight recently).

    I drained and changed the hydro fluid and filter, without any noticible difference. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. PPLMike

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    Maybe some of your belts are wearing down?
  3. work_it

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    I was having the same problem a couple of weeks ago. Not only was the mower slowing down, but was having problems going up hills. I was having to jump off the sulky and run next to it to get the mower up steep grades or on the trailer. All was fixed by replacing the drive belts. Odd part is that they weren't showing any excessive wear. After taking them off I noticed that the rubber had lost a lot of its elasticity and was hard. Just something to try. When was the last time you changed the belts?
  4. Belts wearing, thottle linkage wearing.

    Check RPM's, belt tension, and belt itself.
  5. paponte

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    Agreed, most often just have to tighten your belt tensioner. :cool:
  6. KenH

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    Also make sure dump valve is not turned partially on.
  7. General Grounds

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    :blob3: also on the bobcat hydro the is a grease fitting on the idler pulley arm, if there hasnt been any grease in a while the bushing will freeze keppin the tension off of the belt that drives the trans, also check the condition of the spring they have been known to strectchas well. tony
  8. battags

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    I changed the belts when I changed the hydro fluid. I usually hit the grease fitting once a week, depending on how much use it gets.

    I think Tony may be on to something with the spring. I don't know why it was designed without any way to adjust the tension other than the spring underneath, but I'll deal with it.

    Thanks to all.

  9. Take the spring off the tensioner and make sure it moves the full movment and grease while doing that.

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