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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bob's Lawn Care, Jan 15, 2001.

  1. Bob's Lawn Care

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    Does anyone use equiptment cover on their mowers when not on use? I dont have a big garage or a pole barn that I need to get my equiptment out of the weather. I rent storage space to get through the winter, but in the summer they sit outside. I ran across a web site W.E. Chapps that offers covers for everything from mowers to blowers. I am buying a new Lazer Z this spring and I want to protect my investment as best I can. I am considering getting covers for the mower, trimmers and blower. I noticed that with all the covers you cat get liners in them (cotton liner or heat liner) is this something I should get? Any information you have on these covers or any others will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,
  2. Eric ELM

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    W. E. Chapps is one of the Lawnsite sponsors and I too am thinking of getting covers for my Dixie Choppers. Mine sit on an open trailer in the summer and I think it would be nice to have the covers.

    The last I heard they are making a cover for the Diesel Dixie Chopper and should have them in production by now. This is the one I want to get covered for sure. It has a lot more vital things to keep dry on it.

    I'm sorry I'm not more help on this topic, but I do plan to get covers for mine.

  3. Runner

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    The only problem with these, is that they only cover part of the machine. If it's just for the machine sitting outside, I would just recommend a polt tarp that protects the whole machine at a MUCH cheaper price. These tarps can be tucked or held down by pieces of firewood or something.
  4. kutnkru

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    I agree with runner. What we dont store in the barn get's tarped. Couple 'o bungee's and your set. Our set up on the trailers of course does not allow the tarps to touch the equipment so there is no risk of burning a hole in them.

    Just my .02
  5. Skookum

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    My equipment sits out all summer on an open trailer. I looked at the W.E. Chapps covers and thought they are very well made, but just too much money for me to layout. They would be nice for transporting in bad weather or down gravel roads if you needed that coverage. I am sure they are worth the money, since I use and trust W.E. Chapps products, if you wanted to layout the green for them.

    I am still using the same $7.00 blue poly tarp for the last three years. Works great and only takes a few minutes. Plus it covers the entire trailer, not just the equipment. I admit I hated the look of the blue tarp as my rig sits next to the house. I just found a tan poly tarp for next year that matches my trailer and truck.

    Guess it has to do with the value of your dollar and how you spend it. We all do it different.
  6. mdb landscaping

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    just get one of those portable garages and just back the trailer into it every night. technically it could work in the winter too. it may not be heated, but you could winterize your machines and pull them in that for the winter. just a thought though.

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    I have purchased a set of velcro chaps to wrap around your legs from this company ,and use them all the time ,thay are a good company to deal with.As far as the mower covers i only saw them in the catalogs.
  8. lawn perfections

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    i use the covers on all of my weedeaters and stick edgers. i use the tarp on the rest.
  9. Mark

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    I just left W.E. Chapps website, That would be my last resort. There ZTR Covers only cover the mid-sections. If you don't have room in the garage, like me, i use a 25by30 foot heavy plastic tarp. It covers the whole trailer, i put one block in the back, two one the sides,and one in front everything is completly covered. Been doing this for many yrs with no problems. Chapps in hwy-robbery I have two boats and can have a custom cover made as cheap as there best ztr cover, TARP IT
  10. Bob's Lawn Care

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    You know, the more I look at the prices of these covers the more I like the idea of a tarp. I can buy a lot of tarps for the cost of 1 cover, even a good canves tarp. If I buy a Trimmer and Blower rack for the trailer I could cover everything and I wont need covers for them.

    Eric ELM, they are making a cover for your Diesel Dixie Chopper. $129.95 with no liner, $149.95 with cotton liner and $249.95 with heat liner.

    Thank you!

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