Wacky Deck-Engine Combinations!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by casey, Oct 18, 2001.

  1. casey

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    Today I saw a 52 WB (so beat up just guessing it was a Ferris) with a brand new 10.5 HP Briggs I/C.
    Reading posts on LS-A 32 WB Toro with a 16 Briggs.
    A 44 WB Toro with an 11 Briggs.
    From what I undestand those are factory combos.
    Both struck me as odd deck engine combos. Do you really need a 16HP on a 32? Can you cut anything with an 11HP on a 44? What was the guy with the 52 thinking when he put on a 10.5 HP?
    Do you have any?
  2. MuskTurfKing

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    Well, I'm putting a new 23 Hp Kohler on my 21" Toro, and then I'm gonna buy a brand spankin' new Z and take the engine off a Craftsman trimmer and put it on the Z. :p


    ERIC ROBERGE LawnSite Member
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    I have got a r70 John Deere 30" rider with a 18 horse. It originally had an 8 horse pull start. I added a motorcycle battery, a starter solonoid and some wiring and now I have a electric start mower.
    The 18 hp bolted right up and has the same output shaft as th 8 hp. I couldn't believe it.
    I got the 18 hp briggs at and estate sale on a gutted lawn tractor and only paid $160.00 bucks for it. I drained the water out of the fuel tank,put some fresh fuel in the tank and a minite or two of cranking and it started.
    I can cut with double blades with ease and pull a 4' aerator without any problems. I dont do landscaping for a living like most of you guys do here but for my 1 acre home lot and 1/4 acre rental property it works like a dream. It will also fit inside the back of my 78 ramcharger when I need to mow the grass at my rental property.
  4. Runner

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    A friend of mine is rebuilding a 18 hp off a Lazer HP. He swapped motors for the mean time, and now this guys 52" cut Lazer HP has a 25 horse Kohler on it. Talk about hp to deck ratio...
  5. edward hedrick

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    My toro 44 came with a 11 briggs in 1988. Reengined 4 yrs later
    with a 14 Vanguard. I put a 5hp kawi on a Mtd 20" mulch mower.
    I reengined my 52 Lesco with a 14 Kawi. It came witha 17 Kawi
    elec start. It was too heavy. The 14 has plenty of power+ 35lbs
  6. lawnboy82

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    I would have to nominate the Dixie Choppers here. I believe they have some pretty powerful engines on them. Don't forget the 150HP jet engine on the 60" chopper.

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