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Wacky FLA don't blow leaves in others lawns

Fantasy Lawns

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Space Coast

A man who police said has a history of problems with his neighbors will face a judge on charges he chased a lawn worker with an ax and a hammer after leaves blew into his yard, according to officials.

Eric Edward Ericson, 50, of 1172 Wildrose Drive, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest after Palm Bay police responded to the home on Saturday to investigate a disturbance, according to records obtained by Local 6 News partner Florida Today.

Ericson posted a $41,000 bond Tuesday morning at the Brevard County Jail Complex where he was held since his arrest, officials said.

Police said the latest trouble started after Ericson confronted a lawn worker and attempted to kick him while complaining that leaves were blowing into his yard.

Ericson shouted curses and said he was going to kick the man in the buttocks, reports showed.

The worker started picking up the scattered leaves when he turned and saw Ericson run toward him with a hammer and an ax, according to reports. Police arrived and attempted to talk to Ericson, who ran inside the home he shared with his mother, records showed.

Officers kicked open a sliding glass door and tried to take Ericson into custody when his mother stepped up and tried to block police from going through the house, records showed.

Police warned her to sit down. Police found Ericson in the bathroom and arrested him.

Ericson faces a violation of probation hearing June 4.


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Here in Tennessee if he would have ran at anyone with an ax or hammer we would be reading about this guy who was shot and killed by a lawn guy with his concelaed carry permit. I once had a man get in my face because I cut into his yard about an 1 1/2" luckily for me I had two of my helpers and my little brother with me who is 6'4" 350lbs once he beaued up on me and saw him he realized he was going to loose. I apologized to the man I was in the wrong and he was still ranting and raving about the little strip I accidentally cut in his yard. I offered to cut his yard for free if he would just shut up and he kept on runnig his mouth and trying to get in my face. Finally one of my customers down the street who happens to be the sheriff of a small suburd drove by and saw what was going on and stopped he told the man to go into his house and to calm down he went ballistic on the sheriff and ended up in jail for attempted assault on a sheriff. I never have had any problems with him before. The neighbors told me he has called the law on small children for walking on his lawn he videotapes his neighbors working in his lawn and so forth. Since that day I have never seen him out when I am mowing in that neighborhood and I have over a dozen houses within three streets


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I bought my house in S. Florida in '03 from a nutjob like this. My experience is that that part of the nation has a lot of bored unhappy people with lots of time to complain about nothing. I was glad to have moved after a year. It was a very toxic environment to be in. Because the guy I bought it from was so difficult to deal with, he had it on the market for 6 months with no sale. Every time they got a deal done, he'd sabotage it with his behavior. I saw the for sale sign and pulled in to write down the information and he swept in behind me and blocked my car in, police style, till he realized I was a potential buyer. I signed a deal on it the first day of his new listing, recognizing it as a steal at that price. I recognized his type and just knew to always agree with him and let him have his way and the deal went well. Sold it a year later at a huge profit. His bad attitude cost him a lot of money, I'd have paid $50K more. The neighbors said he called the police on kids walking on the sidewalk and stuff like that, and broke neighbor's lights he thought were too bright. He also was so cheap he pulled up the landscape lighting (cheap Home depot specials) when he left!

When working, my policy is "no nutjobs". Not worth it. Plenty of other work out there. No need to deal with that every week. If I have a problem with a neighbor my customer gets canceled and I explain why. That always earns the idiot next door the scorn of his neighbor, which is an added plus.