Waist high weeds and grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MisfitBobletts, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. MisfitBobletts

    MisfitBobletts LawnSite Member
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    Im tryin to start a landscaping business and i need help pricing a job....the yard is roughly 100x20 feet...all waist high weeds and crab grass...she just wants it all knocked down and picked up.. no hauling off just bagged up...what should i charge?
  2. doyles

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    you just have to really look at the property and figure how many hours it will take you then times hours by what you whant to make an hour and thats your price
  3. moregreensc

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    there is no way to answer that question, there are way too many variables like what equipment are you using, does it have a bagger, how many rocks and limbs are you going to run over, how fast do you work and the list goes on. figure out how long it's going to take and charge her your hourly rate x however many hours you think it's going to take. obviously the number is going to be way different if you have a walker and can mow/bag it all in way less then an hour versus if you have a 21'' push mower with no bag and have to mow it 10x to knock it down and then rake up all of the clippings. you will have to learn how to give estimates very quickly or else you will be hating life working your butt off to make pennies because you gave an estimate that is way too low. i am not trying to be harsh just trying to be honest. i can promise you no one on lawnsite is going to post a number that you should charge besides someone saying $5 and someone saying $1000. i was going to say $5 but figured i would not be a smarta@@ today. so good luck and make sure to give a fair price that will make the customer and YOU happy when you are all done.
  4. Get Some...

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    Rent a brushcutter mower, include rental in price.......
    Maybe two hour's to transport rental and mow.
    Maybe three more hour's to put stuff in brown bag's and put them at the curb....

    So five-six hour's X what you need to make an hour plus overhead and rental.
  5. MisfitBobletts

    MisfitBobletts LawnSite Member
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    Yeah I know peeps are harsh here...thing is I'm using crappy black n decker weed eaters and a craftsman mower so I know it will take some time...not even sure the mower will do the job...was just trying to see what some pros would think
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  6. TurnerLawn&Landscape

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    If you have waist high weeds leave the craftsman at home. rent a commercial weedeater and up charge it to the customer,,

    start weedeating from the top of the weeds down to the bottom.. your first "strip" you should only chop the weeds at about 60%. if you dont do this and try to buzz them off at ground level it will just wrap the weeds around the head of the weedeater and clog it up. end up spending your whole day yanking weeds from around your weedeater head. take a rake or blower and clear out all of the excess weeds that you have cut. then go back over it maybe 2 times until you can buzz the weeds close to ground level.

    i'd say its gonna take you everybit of 4 hours....good luck
  7. weeze

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    are there woods or anything near by?..if so cut it with the mower and blow it all into the woods :)
  8. moregreensc

    moregreensc LawnSite Member
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    i would do anything you could to try and borrow a friend or neighbors riding mower. even a crappy craftsman riding mower will do it with a few passes im sure, you are not going to have any fun/luck with a cheap weed eater, especially if it's electric as i'm assuming from black and decker. i don't know about the rental idea since for one you have to be a certain age to rent stuff (idk how old you are) and second thats going to eat any profit. there is only so much that you are going to be able to charge that someone will accept and pay... good luck with however you get it done though, as long as you're happy with the amount of money you made versus how much work it took, then you had a good day and you're doing better than many people in the U.S. right now. :usflag:
  9. ajslands

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    Ya cuz rotting grass smells great!

    You can cut it with a craftsman although I do not recomend it because it is harsh on the belts.
    20x100 is fairly small. You shouldn't be there more than 1.5-2 hours.
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  10. moregreensc

    moregreensc LawnSite Member
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    better yet find someone with big equipment that can do it quickly, pay them to do it, and charge the customer a little bit more than you paid the company that did the work. easy money haha. you could be a "Landscape Contractor"

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