Wait till just before a rain to apply post emerge

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Doster's L & L, Oct 6, 2004.

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    I put new tips on my boom sprayer the other day and calibrated it. The results... i'm putting out .54 gal per 1000 sqft. Now this is fine for 2 of the products that i'm currrently putting out which are mixed together. The other that i have a problem with is the 3-way by Lesco. The MINIMAL amount you can put out is 40 gal water/Acre. Changing that to a number per 1000 ftsq, we're looking at .92 gal/Acre. If i slowed down to a crawl, i STILL wont be able to put out .92 gal/acre. Do you think it would be a good idea to wait until a day before a rain to apply this 3-way? In this time period of me waiting for rain, would phototoxicity already have taken place? If phototoxicity had not started, when it rained, would it simply wash the chemical off, assuming that i applied it less then 24 hrs of the rain?

    I suppose the BEST thing for me to do isget another set of tips. Do you guys normally keep multiple sets of tips hangin around and use when necessary? Any websites that you know of that i may purchase new tips?


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    I set up an ATV sprayer on a garden tractor That puts out between only .44 to .79 gal / 1000 depending on what gear I'm in. (I should have got a bigger pump). I use it wiht lesco 3-way and have had good results. It is still best to have at least 24 hours before rain or water so the leaves have time to take up the chemicals. I have had no problems with turf burning even at the lower rate. The perma gren ride ons run only .33 gal per 1000 and lesco sells them. You can use the lower end of chemical per 1000 to stay on the safe side or spit the rate and go over it twice.
    just my $.02
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    I had already put out some 3-way at the minimal recommendation at the .54gal/A rate. i figured that i was only .38 gal per Acre off (just over 1/3 gal) so just that small amount plus only having put out the least recommended amount, i'm hoping to see only minimal damage or none at all.

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