walbro wt-38 carb: primer bulb required?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jcliburn, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. jcliburn

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    Hi folks. I bought a walbro wt-38b carburetor to replace the zama c1q-s63a carb that came stock on the stihl fs-85 I bought 7 or 8 years ago. (The machine over the past couple of years has gotten progressively worse starting and running. This year it finally became untenable, and basically wouldn't yield to *any* carburetor adjustments I made. Fuel also began leaking from the carb itself.)

    The walbro carb doesn't have a primer bulb on it; the zama does. Since the walbro didn't come with a bulb, is it intended to operate without one? Would it hurt anything to add one?

    One reason I ask is because the fs-85 fuel tank has two fuel line ports drilled into it: one for the main fuel feed line to pass through, and another for the primer bulb vent line to pass through (I guess that's what it's called). If I don't use a primer bulb on the walbro carb, I have to plug one of those tank ports, since, in the absence of a primer bulb, there's no place to hook up the vent line that passes through it. If I add a primer bulb to the walbro, then I have a place to hook up the line.

    Any guidance appreciated.
  2. BigShelby

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    Without a bulb, how do you plan to get it started when the engine is cold? Everything I own Stihl, Husq, Echo etc. all have primer bulbs. Would a retro fit of a bulb be an option on your new carb?
  3. jcliburn

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    I mounted the new carb yesterday and started the unit without trouble. <shrug>

    As for the retrofit, yes, I can use the bulb from the zama if the walbro actually needs one. You've hit at the core of my issue, though: Does the walbro *need* a bulb (since it didn't come with one), and will it cause problems if I add one?

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. kayeproperties

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    I never use primer bulbs unless I run the machine out of gas. It seems to be easy to start eithe choke it for a pull or 2 till it hits and then its all go. I use Echo, shindawa and huscavarna mostly but I have stihl as a backup. On my stihl the primer is a whole seperate unit so you might want to go with that arerangement. Good luck. What do you think went wrong with the other carb? Dirty plugged wore out?
  5. jcliburn

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    Just for closure, I plan to operate the walbro carb without a bulb; the zama bulb mounting screws didn't fit the walbro body, so I can't reuse it.

    It took me about 10 pulls to start the machine this morning after running it dry yesterday. If I leave gas in the carb, the machine starts on the second or third pull when the engine isn't warm. That's good enough for me. It runs a *heck* of a lot better with the new carb.

    kayproperties, I don't know what went wrong with the old carb. It was leaking fuel and I could no longer find a set of adjustments that were satisfactory through the operating range. I could've probably installed a kit and made it all better, but I got impatient. Meh... 46 bucks for a new carb (including shipping) after about 8 years of good service from the machine seemed like a fair compromise against the time it would've taken me to rebuild the carb.

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