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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ArchZangel, May 10, 2005.

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    Hi yall, I am new to this forum. For the most part I don't have a problem adjusting the neutral, brakes and tracking on walk-behinds. I always thought belt drive were more a pain in the butt, than hydros. But recently I have worked on two Buntons. One brand new and the other at least 10 years old. They both have the same darn problem. One more than the other. The newer (pistol grip) just won't stay adjusted. I know the customer has messed with the settings. I put it on jack stands, warm up the hydros. When I adjust the neutral, I have no reverse. When adjust for reverse, it won't stay in neutral. Now if it is idling, this whole effect is greatly reduced. The older one, is pretty much the same, but add in the fact that nothing ever stays the same. Kinda random but predictable. I can get an ok, balance between neutral and reverse. Run it down the road and it changes. Do it again it goes back. What is up with these hydro systems? I though neutral is neutral and that is it? How do these things change. This is maddening to me!
    One the older bunton it easy to blame old pumps, linkage, and such. The new one has no excuse. Besides customer screwing with adjustments and failure to grease the machine. Any pointers, from anybody would be apreciated. Thanks

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