walk behind boom sprayer?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bigdaddycain1216, Jan 25, 2012.

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    i have never seen anyone in the state of Oklahoma using anything but the jd9 style guns and the chem lawn style guns and ride on machines when doing blanket apps for their liquid treatments. I bought a pest control business years ago and we had some boom sprayers that u hook ur hose from ur skid sprayer up to and they have drift control on them were it is easy to spray in winds up to 35 mph. I changed what i thought their problems were and they are perfect now. Does anyone else use something like this??? I am gonna try to post pictures of what we have tomorrow so people can see exactly what i am talking about but surely there are things like this out on the market somewhere?? Info please......:waving:
  2. bigdaddycain1216

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    i also made us this boom sprayer on our lesco hps. it is mostly all alluminum and has a skirt which is made of the strongest vinyl that is made and will not rip or tear at all. Has six stainless flood tips under the thing and makes the yards look awesome and streak free when using die. shitty pic i know...:drinkup:

    new hotness 2.jpg
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    yes i have been wondering if things like this are used. the ones i have built look way better than this and for half the price of that thing. that one also looks like a pain in the ass to keep on a truck bed. and no after the first day of using the ride on dragging the hose it was easy. the first day it did suck though lol
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    bigdaddy, when you use your hps + spray shield, how does the unit throw fert, does it not hit the shield and spread uneven? Or does it throw right over the shield?
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    it is set up to just unbolt off of the machine when fert season starts up. we just use it as a sprayer like this for fall and spring pre-m blanket apps.
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    How many gallons per 1000 does that rig put down? I use an open hand held boom with drift reducing tips. Application volume is from 1/2-5 gallons per 1000.
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    I'll second the walking boom that is a Greendoctor invention. I've used one for 4 years now after going through all of the rest. Just built a wonderful smaller tank that could be mounted on truck or a small wagon and pull anywhere on the property where a truck couldn't go. The application anywhere between 1-5 gallon/K is not a problem. Plus the added benefit of pressure to get those fungicides down to soil has made a major difference in fungus control. The real deal is that the whole rig can be built for a little under $1000.
    Generally it takes longer to measure out the mix for a particular job (ie. 14-20K0 than it does to apply, which is great so that the sprinklers can be turned on quickly and water in the fertilize...fungicides need a day before watering in.
    Give it some thoughts.
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    i have this thing calibrated at 3 gal per 1000 SQ feet

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