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Walk behind deck height adj question?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tool, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. tool

    tool LawnSite Member
    Messages: 4

    Well, I am going to try cutting grass part time next year so I bought a Ferris 52" Dual Hydro WB with hanging deck option. Sweet machine with plenty of power from the Kawa 23hp vtwin!

    I got a good deal @ $5200($5700 list) on an '04 left over but I should have heeded advice to buy from a local dealer & maybe payed more. Here are the problems I have already incurred & the dealer is 2 hours away so I fixed everything myself:

    1st -the left/right adjustment was out of wack, pretty easy to adjust though. However, I did notice that you can adjust it good for slower speeds but at higher speeds it requires a different setting.

    2nd- the neutral for towing/pushing did not engage with the pins pulled up so I had to bend the adjusting screws & add a washer or two to get it to engage towing nuetral. Works fine now but @ 750lbs its still a tough pull/push, hope she never breaks far from my truck.

    3rd- the deck is only vertical height adjustable even with the hanging deck option. Also, the deck was tilted slightly backwards towards the engine & since the deck slides against a solid plate, I can only adjust the front end even higher, not lower. I beleive the proper setting is for the front end of the deck to be slightly lower than the rear so I elongated the front wheel swival brackets bolt holes by 3/8'' so that the entire front end sits that much lower. The deck is now level & still not tilted foward. I can machine the holes another 3/8" or so & then the deck front will be tilted forward. Before I spend any more time on it, I wanted to know if the deck should be set level or slightly foward for best cutting results?

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