Walk behind Gurus give me some advice, PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Craftybigdog, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Craftybigdog

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    Alright guys I bought a gravely 36in pro today, its used but look brand new it is gear driven and has a 12 1/2 hp kohler on it. I got it today for 400.00 is that a good deal? Well my question to you is that it is such a pain to drive man the lever thing is difficult. Any tips or is it like my dixie I will get better with it. Thanks alot guys and one more thing where do I get gators for the 36 they only list for 40in thank you very much!
  2. PaulJ

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    The best advice I can give you is don't fight it . use a light touch for small adjustments in direction then to turn pull the lever back to neutral and pull in on the inside. it's easier than squeezing like he** until the brakes grab. check your spring tension on the drive belts so that they are as equal as you can get them and so the lever positions are as equal as you can get them. the linkages may not be set the same on each side to get this because one side might be worn more than the other. don't just watch where the deck lines up with your last pass but look ahead ind drive to a point across the lawn and try to straighten out your lines with each pass. But again don't fight it too much and overcorrect, use a light touch and practice, practice, practice.

    good luck
  3. GLAN

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    Can't add to that. Great help post................:)
  4. fivestarlawnken

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    sounds like a good deal!!!!!!!!! just go over the machine and look for the littelest thing that may be wrong
  5. promower

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    The first time I got on one of these working for a former LCO I said to myself, "If I started my own company, I would never buy a WB" needless to say it was the first mower I bought. I really like them after I learned how to use them.
  6. hunter

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    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    My Advice??? Trade it in for a Toro with a T-bar. Guys and gals, there is nothing easier to operate, in terms of a walk-behind, than a T-bar system.
  8. Scag48

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    ECS is nice. Good luck with the new machine. I was never a fan of T-bar, too jumpy for me.
  9. captjack

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    That is a steal on that machine. The 36 give a great cut and stripes very well. Gator does not make a blade for this machine. I have found that the oe blades work fine. I have been very happy with my pro 36. I dont live to far from you, if you want me to help you with some adjustments I will. I had some similar issuse with mine when I got it.

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