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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by treemover, Dec 19, 2012.

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    We have had a MT50 for five or six years now bought it with 450 hours has around 1400 now I think. We have not had any major issues with it. One of the lift valves needed to be replaced arms didn't want to go down, and we have had to change the sprocket (wheel) seals, and one of the bearings on the axles housing. Other than that just regular maintenance. Oil changes, and hydraulic oil changes are a PITA, but usually just one a year service so not that big of a deal.
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    Depending on the scope of work you have, you could attempt to find a ramrod taskmaster with wheels. My amount of work for a miniloader was not huge so I couldn't justify a tracked machine. I bought wheeled ramrod of a friend for like 2800 bucks. It ran great, leaked a bit of hydro oil, and was kinda rough. I painted it and used it for the season and sold it for 3500. It made work alot easier, it wasn't as capable as a mt 52 is, but it works. May be an option for you.

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