walk-behind mower??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BotetourtBoy3, Apr 22, 2007.

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    It should be able to handle light to moderate hills and somewhat mild terrain conditions. New for homeowner use, it would have a 2 year warranty so that will give you peace of mind. The spindles are probably not that tough though so I don't think it would be able to take much impact if you hit a big root or anything, it could damage the blade or spindle.
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    I can't tell for sure from the photo, but that mower looks very similar to the Troy-built 33" widecut mower and it's cousin the Cub Cadet. Do a search on this forum and you will see mixed opinions on the Troy-built 33". Whatever you decide, keep in mind that Sears is not only in the lawn equip. business and their service department could leave a lot to be desired. That is assuming your area has a Sears where they actually work on the mowers and don't farm it out. The quality of the dealer can mean more than a lot of other variables.

    Having said all that, I have a friend who uses a Troy-built 33" on anything he can't put his Walker on and it is 3 years old and going strong. I considered it and demoed a 33" but ended up with a 36" Scag. It was double the price but I think it is double the machine.
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    I bought the same thing at Home Depot, same specs but it was a Cub Cadet. I didn't like it. There are no left/right turn grips. The grip on the left is forward/reverse only. The one on the right is for the blade enguage. To turn it, you have to push it left or right. I didn't mow any grass with mine. I ran it up/down my sidewalk 3 or 4 times and took the thing back.
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    If you got it for $999, and didn't plan to use it commercially, I think it would be okay.

    I had a Troy-bilt 33" widecut mower many years ago (I think I bought it in 1992 or 1993?? ) It was more ruggedly built than the current mower, but it also cost $1200 or $1300 when I bought it. It performed well for what I used it for. It only had an 8hp Briggs and Stratton I/C engine. No issues (except for a couple belts) in the 5+ years I used it.

    Good luck.
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    Someone said the Cub was NOT a ZTR, but the Sears one said it is.
    Cub elect. start, Sears no elect start. But if you look at the picks they are the same thing.

    The Sears ad online said "Commercial Cutting Width", but in the lawn book they put out it said "Commercial Grade".
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    I can see it used on your own lawn but not others, where you'll get into a few hill sides. No real left or right controls means major hassle turning on slopes.

    Me, I'd buy it for a part time user on small back yards with small gates to go through on weekly lawns...ONLY.
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    Does it have "commercial warranty"? I highly doubt it.

    Wonder how many people will become confused by those statements. They buy one to start a LCO and get the bad news when it fails and they need to be fixed. It looks like train wreck waiting to happen.

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