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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by thielkinglawn, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. thielkinglawn

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    Good Afternoon,
    I am currently in the market for a new walk behind mower. I would like to get a 48"+ hydro. What is the best option in this market? From what I have learned after talking to dealers is Scag is good but expensive. Bobcat offers the best bang for the buck. And not sure about the Ferris.

    Any advice or recommendations?
  2. thielkinglawn

    thielkinglawn LawnSite Member
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    nothing? surely someone has to have used/bought/researched these. Maybe everyone is still working.
  3. BlazerRidge

    BlazerRidge LawnSite Member
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    I have a 52'' scag walkbehind right now in my mowing setup and i've owned others in the past. They are top notch mowers and I wouldn't own anything but Scag
  4. kennc38

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    You waited a whole hour since your first post and ask why nobody has responded? Good grief people are so impatient these days. Maybe everyone is out cutting grass and haven't had time to respond yet? Just a thought.
  5. Fwilamosky

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    snapper pro sw30 is a great hydro floating deck walk behind. easy to control and to maintain
  6. MTenterprises

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    Exmark turf tracer all the way.
  7. thielkinglawn

    thielkinglawn LawnSite Member
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    How about the controls on the scag, snapper and exmark? Easy to use? reverse simple?

    Has anyone used the z control bobcat?
  8. BlazerRidge

    BlazerRidge LawnSite Member
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    Scag controls are extremely simple.
  9. Set Apart Lawn Care

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    This is just my opinion but I do not like scag walk behinds. In fairness it was belt driven and my other mower is a Gravely 36" hydro. Out gravely has been awesome, it is our main mower and has never had a problem. I am always surprised at how much pwer it has for a 15hp 36" walk behind.

    I dont know what you are using it for, but the floating deck is worth every penny because of how easy it is to adjust the height
  10. jiggz

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