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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scotlykins, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. scotlykins

    scotlykins LawnSite Member
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    i am looking into buying a couple of walk-behinds. I have no idea about these machines. What are some things to take into account and which brands cut the best ? I am really looking for a quality cut out of these machines to improve upon my mid-mounts. cut.

    thanks in advance
  2. lawns Etc

    lawns Etc LawnSite Silver Member
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    Most all name brand WBs cut very well. Parts are easily available too for Exmark,Scag,Bobcat and some others as well I have Bobcats and Exmarks and you cant beat the cut on Bobcats but they all perform very good.
  3. ALC-GregH

    ALC-GregH LawnSite Fanatic
    from PA
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    I personally wouldn't take someone elses advise and go buy it blind folded. I'd more then likely read up on all the models and brands and base my decision on which one to get off all the accumulated info I read on them. I bet if you search just a little on here that you'll find one or two threads with "which walk behind is the best" in the title.
  4. jason_2005lawnman

    jason_2005lawnman LawnSite Member
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    me and my crew prefer exmark walk behinds; have used them for about 5 years now; the comfort level we think is far better than toro or john deere; and the cut quality is good; i would give the whole machine a b+
  5. scotlykins

    scotlykins LawnSite Member
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    Actually I am not asking which is the best and do nothing blindfolded.

    I am actually looking more the difference between walk-behinds and mid-mounts. Differences in cut and operation. Controls, etc.

    I am looking into buying two 60 inch, maybe 52 inch, machines for my smaller commercial and residential accounts. I run Lazers now and assume the Turf Tracers are okay.
  6. scotlykins

    scotlykins LawnSite Member
    Messages: 136

    I am looking at the Turf Tracer, and have just received a Pro V Scag to demo. There is a big difference in the controls between the two models.

    My crew and myself have only run Lazers. Are the walk-behinds good in tight areas such as apartment complexes ? Are they easier to maneuver or more difficult than mid-mounts ??? How about tiring after mowing with them all day ??
  7. lawnboy852

    lawnboy852 LawnSite Member
    from PA
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    I run an exmark metro and a hustler SWB, both 48's. Cut is comparable, as to tight areas, well, yes depending on the deck size. If a 52" midmount doesnt fit, neither does a WB. I find them very maneuverable, however however with the length of the machine and the turning radius, you can find yourself swinging around, sometimes into walls, trees, posts, bushes, etc if you are not careful. If you run exmarks and like the cut, go with the turf tracer. Same deck, almost same machine, just different configuration. I know many people love the TT's.

    As for tiring, if your in shape, probably not, otherwise you will be doing some walking. Also ground speed will be reduced off of the midmount most likely, but can be improved with a sulky. Be warned however, that your back and knees will hate you after a day on the sulky, as YOU absorb every single bump, dip, and rut that the wheels hit.
  8. hornett22

    hornett22 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Scags been around the longest and are the best built.they have the widest discharge opening so the leave no clumps or mess.they spread the clipping out real nice.

    Go hydro or don't waste your money.belts suck!
  9. lawnboy852

    lawnboy852 LawnSite Member
    from PA
    Messages: 219

    ^^ Good to note, hydro or nothing Id say. I made the switch to my hustler hydro, SO much nicer than my belt exmark.

    Bringing me to my next thought, of controls. Every manufacturer has their "best in the industry" control system, Hustler H bar (I love it) Scag ProV, exmark ECS, Toro T bar etc etc. Try what is available to you.

    Also pay attention to machine weights and tire sizes, you want either bigger tires, or less weight. Some walkbehinds are very heavy relative to their tire surface area, and they can just destroy turf. This is why I dont own a Scag, they are heavier machines, and unnecessarily so in my case, because I dont abuse my machines and they DONT need to be built like tanks to live. The only reason I kept my belt drive is for when the ground is soft, and cant handle the heavier machines.

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