Walk Behind pros and cons


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I am wondering what size WB to buy. I have a Exmark Lazer 60" deck and a Great Dane Super surfer 52" deck. I was thinking of a 36" or 44" Toro T-Bar proline. How big of a difference is there between gear and hydro. I have been doing my smaller stuff and some trimming with a push mower 21". It works but dosn't always leave a nice cut and takes a bit longer.


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Try searching in this topic, there is more information about this topic then probably any other one out there. BTW... welcome to the site. You will find a lot of useful information on here.

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I'm looking at the same size just an Exmark instead. It will be used for the same reasons you listed, just small stuff the Z's can't get. I would love a hydro but can't justify the extra cost for the amount we will use it especially if I only go with a 36". If you have alot of hills consider the hydro it will perform much better. I have also been told that a belt drive sucks for using a sulky.


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36"or 44" would depend on if you can fit the 44" in all the places
You need to why get a 36" if a 44" will fit, it save you a little time. The hydro will cost a little more but if you like the response and feel of the two mowers you have now you will want the hydro.
Good luck


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I have a 60" LazerZ and the 36" TTHP, perfect pair. Hydro all the way. Since the 36" is used for mainly backyards, the hydro is a must for me. Love the instant full speed reverse, zero turn capabilities, smoothness of the ECS, all make doing the tight spaces a breeze.


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belt drives work good with sulkies,just not soo good when grass is really wet or its raining...dont count on reverse with the belt drives because its only a assist.


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Unless you're going to have crew members to operate all of you're equipment, I suggest a small wb. A 32 or 36 to get into gated yards. I've got a 32 Bob-Cat and it will get into just about anywhere.


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North Alabama
I just picked up a hydro 36" walkbehind for cutting this year. It has been in use for a couple of weeks now. One thing that I really notice is that I can stick it in tight places and not have to worry about turning around. The hydro allows me to back up quickly without ever stepping off the jungle wheels. I can mow some tight stuff and never walk a bit. I have been hauling a 21" with me just in case I somehow had a real tight area to mow, but it looks like the 36" hydro works nicely for all the small areas so far. I have never used a belt drive walkbehind, but from the sound of it, "reverse assist" does not sound nearly as easy or productive to use.


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