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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bmrdude, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. bmrdude

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    Ok, I realize there are many walk behinds to buy, however I'm looking at these brands: Toro, Scag, Exmark, John Deere. They are sold locally. Since this is all new to me, what are your suggestions regarding: gear drive vs. hydro, floating vs. non-floating deck, etc......... This is only going to be a part time business for me (one or two days a week). Any input would be appreciated.
  2. grassdaddy

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    I bought a 17/48 gear drive,non floating, scag.It has been a reliable machine,HOWEVER,if i had it to do over i would have bought an exmark turf tracer 23/52.now that hustler has decided to get in the game,i'd wait and look at their 23/54.
  3. PaulJ

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    I haven't operated any of the machines your looking at, but I have been pouring over every bit of info I can get on Walkbehind mowers for my next purchase.
    You didn't mention what size your looking for. I'm looking into 48" hydro, but that's just what will fit me best.

    First I have ruled out Toro and John Deere because I don't like stamped decks. Deep welded decks are the way I want to go. Also I am 90% sure i will go with a floating deck. With a 48" I could go either way. If its a 36" I would say fixed is ok, if a 52" or larger I would definitely go floating. Again that's just me.
    Exmark, and Scag are both on my final list, along with Hustler and Snapper. A lot will come down to a demo as each one I am looking at has a different control system. The dealers attitude will play a big factor as well.
    If It is going to be your primary mower, and you can afford it, I would definitely go hydro. My primary is a gear drive and I wish for a hydro every day.
    I think that most of the commercial companies out there make quality well built machines. The differences come down to the little things. Trying to find one that combines most of the features I like in one machine has been tough.
    You just have to try them all, talk to the dealers, do some searches on here, then go with your gut.:D :dizzy:

    Happy Cutting
  4. rodfather

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    If that's all you got locally, go with the eXmark. Steering on the Toro WB's is a little tricky and Scag tends to be a bit dicey in price.

    Dig a little deeper and see if Ferris or Hustler is available too. They're great machines IMHO.

    Buy hydro if you can afford it...you won't regret it.
  5. Doc Pete

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    Take a look at the Hustler. Super heavy welded steel deck. The front is also a boxed construction, with over an inch deep box of heavy steel. Baffling is great and running doubles automatically keep the deck clean. Also, a little know fact is, the hustler deck is made to withstand throwing a 1x6" steel bar under the deck while running at full speed and not denting the deck. And, they also run over steel balls in the deck and the deck will push then down into the ground and not "launch" them up and out the chute. These are "OSHA" tests that Hustler "chooses" to meet, which many other makers don't. Remember listening to guy's throw stones into windows.......This is why the Hustler deck is made to throw objects down and not launch them.......
  6. The test is "ANSI" not "OSHA" and the only one that doesn't do it is DC.


    OSHA checks for workplace safety. ANSI checks for equipment safety.

  7. MacLawnCo

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    HOLD ON, what? Can you run a ZTR? If so, then you can run a T-bar.. Forward to go forward, pull back to stop. Kinda simple if you ask me.
  8. bob

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    from DE
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    First of all, welcome to Lawnsite. Use the search feature on this forum. You'll find tons of info on topics like this one.
  9. Doc Pete

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    Thanks buppy......
  10. Lawnagent007

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    I have been running a toro 36" hydro with a floating deck for 4 years. Have had 0 problems with this mower and the t-bar steering is what sold me on this one. The t-bar steering will also cause less fatigue to your hands vs pistol grip after a long day at the office.

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