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Walk Behind Sprayers


LawnSite Senior Member
South West PA
The unit arrived the other day, (4 working days after ordering), and looks promising. I did manage to get it installed this morning. I did run into a few trouble areas.

The tank of the unit looks to be designed for a spreader that has a relativly long front panel. I was mounting it on a Lesco Mark II, and it has a low profile hopper. This ment that only the top two bolts could be used for mounting to the hopper. I fabricated a bracket to mount the bottom of the tank to the front bar bumper of the spreaders frame.

Another tie up that I occored was with the two boom pipes. Apparantly they sent two rights (lefts?) with the kit. It was still workable, the mounting was just a little more challanging.

I may, after putting some use on the unit, fabricate a little diffrent switch assembally. I am thinking of something along the lines of a hand brake lever that would be used on a bicycle. I'll have to see how I like the simple toggle switch. It seems kinda cheap.

It took about 3-4 hours for me to install. Keep in mind that I anti-nit-wit everything. I don't give anything a chance to get screwed up. I ran all the wiring in black plastic wire loom, tying it neatly to the handle bars. I also put small pieces of hose on the supply lines, in any places that they will rub against anything. I also hard mounted the valve manifold to the spreader frame, not just letting it hang by the hoses. I put a small fitting and hose on the fill spout for the bottle.

The instructions that came with the unit left a lot to be desired. Not that they were totally inadequate, but they were not what I would expect for something that cost $350.00.

I didn't get a chance to use it today, nor was I able to calibrate it because it was rainin all day. I know that I will have to make a slight adjustment, the spray pattern is hitting the tank, and a slight amount of water was dripping off the tank.

I did do the pacing off calibration that the company suggests, and I came up with the following amounts of chemical per gallon. For Momentum, I figures 6-7 oz, per gallon of water. Is this in the right neighborhood? I am going to do a full calibration, and test it out on some scrappy turf before taking it on a customers lawn.

I'll update you on the use of the unit after I have it in action. I am hopeful...