Walk behind steering prob


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I have Lesco 48 Commercial belt driven walk behind and it pulls to the left enough to wear me out quickly. I've tried to adjust this problem with no luck. I've had 4 other mowers similar but different models and had no problems figuring out what to do to have it run straight but I'm at a loss and I've not wanted to ask because I've been running commercial mowers for 6 yrs and I'm far from being green but I came to this site for reasons of interest and to hear advice from those who are more knowledgeable than I am so with that said... Anybody out there able to help me get this mower running in a straight line??

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Sounds like you have some worn out pulleys and or belts. The wheel pulley takes all the wear on a belt drive. Look for the edge of the pulley to be sharp as a sign its worn. You could swap sides with as many parts as you can to see if you can get it to pull right. I have never seen a worn tranny do this but maybe its possible.

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