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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by derbyd137, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I'm starting a new lawn care buisness. I purchased a good used Bobcat Hydro walk behind. I am going to buy a sulky but could use some advice on what to get. Looks like theres one wheel two wheel etc. Any advice would be appreciated

    Karl from www.straightlinelawn.com
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  2. LB1234

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    I've had a single wheel velky and a double wheel jungle jim...both on SCAG 48WB hydro units. For one, I can't use the singel wheel cause of the weight limit. Second, when it was used it left a terrible line in the middle of the cut and IMHO made your cut of the yard look bad. I guess it was due to all of the pressure of the operator being on one wheel. However, the velky was much easier to fold up and attach to the mower than the jungle jim. In addition, on those rare occasions we have to walk behind the unit for a short duration much much easier with the velky than the jungle jim due to how it folded and the size. That said I still prefer the double...cut was better and it held my fat butt.
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    Thanks for the info LB. That was something I had not considered. The unwanted stripe. Makes sence though. I actually found a company right here on Lawnsite that is advertising two wheelers for a good price. They look quality too. http://www.trailerracks.com/SD104.html. I think I will buy one. Cause I'm surely NOT going to walk around behind this puppy day in and day out. Of course at this point I have Zero contracts. Thats how new I am. Hey any other advise you could through my way would be appreciated.

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    I prefer the 2 wheel(larger tires) with the pivot on it.They other kind I saw has coaster wheels. It make very wide turns. They do make a new HD 1 wheel with a spring on it but is it super heavy.

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