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walk behind vs stander


LawnSite Member
Broken Arrow, OK
Can anyone give me some input on the standers? Will they handle a steep slope as well as a walk behind? How hard is it to get them over curbs? How well do they go through the mud and are the harder to get unstuck? The only experiance I have had is a velke behind my walk behind and after a few hours, it put my feet to sleep.


LawnSite Senior Member
The stander that I tried out for a day got stuck in the two yards that I picked to mow. I quickly learned that when they get stuck you have no handles to help you get unstuck with. You are standing on the machine and spinning your wheels and digging big ruts in the grass while you are hoping to get moving. For this reason I will say that they suck. I am looking at a Toro Proline right now.


LawnSite Fanatic
I have always wanted to demo a stander, but nobody around here has one, whether it be a dealer or another LCO.

That is a good point though Remo about getting stuck with them. Never would have thought of that


LawnSite Member
Central Florida
Words from inexperienced operators. If you get stuck in mud, get off the machine and push the levers forward or back and walk it. Dont stand on it like an idiot and add more weight to it, would you get off the sulky if you got stuck? Once you master the Stander, which should take you about 8 hours on the machine, you will never go back to the regular wb.


LawnSite Member
Love my GreatDane SS 52" stander...stuck ??? Why are you on wet-soft turf to begin with ??? Those of you who have not experienced a GOOD stander mower,,,,need to try on asap. Yes, it does take that certain person to operate it. Once you get the hang of it..... you will not go back to a WB. :confused:


LawnSite Member
Have used standers for 2 years-they are great machines.Only takes a couple of hours to master.We would never put a mower of any size on a wet property-bad for business.I say go for the stander and never look back.


LawnSite Member
Curious - What are the specific benefits of a stander versus a WB or Z? Why did you buy it? For what areas does it excel in? What did you replace and are you happy with the decision.


Cut 2 Please

LawnSite Member
Montgomery, Al
Some of us have no choice but to cut when the ground is wet. The neighborhood where most of my accounts are stays wet for about a week after a good rain. The water table there is only about 15' below the surface. If I wait for it to dry out I would never get to cut. WBs rule in this situation. I can mow with out rutting or getting stuck. A stander is about 150 lbs heavier than a WB then you have to add the weight of the opperator. I love the concept of the stander but for soggy conditions I choose the WB.