Walk Behind vs. Wright Stander

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnbiz Jeff, May 27, 2008.

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    I have been using gear driven Toro Prolines with ProSlides for about 4.5 years, but the additional weight from my employees is causing transmission problems. Initially I planned to stick with Toro (but switch to a hydro) because of the superior cut that my customers have come to expect. However, Toro products are difficult to to even find one in my area and most dealers only order parts. I have a friend that says I should go with a Hustler walk behind, but I don't think the cutting is equal to the Toro. I do like the idea of the Wright Standers, but haven't tried one yet. Any suggestions?
  2. jb mows

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    I got to demo one this season.I know a guy who has a fleet of them swore by them. I mowed 2 accts with his 48". time wise it took a little bit longer than normal but I had not ever ran it before that time. I thought they cut and striped fine but it was hell on my knees and I am not that old 27 I was stiff after about 1 3/4 hrs. Dont get me wrong I'm not saying I would never own one it just dosnt fit my needs at the moment. If I had 12 or more smaller commercial acct's I would consider them. They are built like a tank. just got to much graund to cover and I would rather be on my ass.
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    I use them and love 'em. I almost use nothing but standers anymore, mainly because I like the superior ability to see what I'm about to run over before I actually do :rolleyes:

    They cut back a ton on trimming, (you can get closer to stuff than with the ZTR's) hold hills (IMO) better than ZTR's - especially being able to mow steeper inclines, weigh at least 300 pounds less than some of the lighter ZTR's, and take up a ton less space on the trailers. And simply put, the less weight you have to pull = less gas. Granted, you're not gonna save $150 a month or anything on gas, but every little bit counts..
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    This is one thing that concerned me about them. It seems like if you lock your knees, you're in for a beating. Does the pad configuration on the standers allow you to lean against the machine with your knees bent?
  5. escient

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    Depends on your height, but for the most part, yes.
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