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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by crazygator, Jul 23, 2002.

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    I was just at the Expo in Louisville. I met with Anthony Rowell at the booth there and he was very helpful. He had mentioned a weight kit, and I just got more info from him on it.

    I have a 36" Turf Tracer Hydro and I want to put my sulke behind it. I am a big guy and it will wheelie most of the time, especially up slight hills. Will the added weight kit fix this problem or will I need to rig my own heavier weight kit?

    Anthony told me the weights will add about 20lbs. total.

    Thanks for your help on this matter.
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    The part number is 103-2637.

    I don't know if it will completely cure the problem in your particular case but it definately will help.

    Give them a try and let me know. Just because I think it works for me doesn't mean that everyone else likes it. If we need to make a change just let us know and we'll re-visit the weight kit.



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