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Ferris was not on your list of machines, but something I'd absolutely look into if I was you. I looked at the Scag SWZT, and exmark TT before buying my ferris fw35(Wright dealer near me only carries standers). Every single thing about the Ferris was better on the Ferris then the scag or exmark I was comparing to(bigger engines, bigger hydrostatic, heavier duty frame, larger tires) and personally I thought it was more comfortable.
Comparing the Ferris cut to my old exmark, I'd give it as a push in ideal conditions. The Ferris has a better cut in longer grass, or low quality grass and such.
Ferris has replaced the FW35 I have with a new machine, the FW45. It seems to be basically the same machine with a step up in the transmission, a oil cooler and a few other upgrades. They still make the FW25 which is the same deck, transmission and controls as my FW35, but a slightly smaller engine, lighter frame, and a pin deck height adjustment.

Ferris and snapper pro are the same exact machines and there are several of each dealer in the Charlotte area.

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No doubt Ferris makes great Walks and their controls are the best of the lot.

But the hydros are allot more time to service. I can do the Wrights in under 15min. and it’s a synthetic based system so longer intervals and less fluid. Plus there’s allot more grease points on FW. The Wrights have three and 2 of those need annual service only.
And the 36” FW drive tires stick out .5” from the deck meaning I can’t get the FW36 into a few of the gates my 36 Tracers and Wright HC fit.
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