? Walk Behind ?


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Looking to buy a good walk behind mower. I have several locations that are going to be pretty hard on a mower. Ditches, rough etc. Anyone have same problems, and what type mowers get the best results.


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i bought a belt drive walkbehind this year for small backyards and places with tight gates 36" cut. if i was to do a lot of mowing with it i would rather have a hydro.


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I have a 52" scag and a 52" Snapper with 16hp Vangard engine, The Snapper is by far to me the best ive used, has the loop steering gets much tighter to obestles than other machines. Made very well 7ga deck, and i bought this one new in 93 and i run the he__ out of it and have only replaced 1 belt, other than reg maintance. Its my favorite, but everyone has there own opinions. Marks Mowing Service


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I have two turf tracers. I love them and I use them a good bit. They run well and highly recommend them. I would go with the hydro's rather than the belts. Much easier to use.


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if you want a front line mower I would go with a exmark very nice or a toro. But if you are going to be very rough on it for only 2 or3 places I would get a old john deere with the heavy deck or some old used mower.Cheap


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I would get a toro, they have T bar steering, and are very easy to use. if your going to be mowing ditches get a floating deck. they will follow the contours of the ditch a lot better than a fixed deck will. hope this helps


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All the mowers referenced in the previous posts are good machines. But before you buy, try a Hustler Hydro W/B. I love mine! ZThe price is right and the cut is top notch.