Walk behinds and curbs!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eggy, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. eggy

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    I was curios to see how every goes about getting there walkbehinds up and down curbs? This seems simple but I will confess my walk behind shoul be getting more use but doesnt because it seems like I am wrestling a bear getting it up and down curbs. It would not surprise me if some curbs are about 4 inches high at some malls. The ztr angles up and down curbs with zero problems but the walk behind ..ohhh my I need a break after gettin it on the curb.......

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    Eggy-- Thankgoodness I only have 2 curbs to jump. I cringe everytime I jump them because I know they can't be good for the mower. I pop the front of my Toro WB up and get a running start and push the back wheels over the curb. If the grass is wet I can count on hairballs dropping out from under the deck.

  3. TLS

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    I find just the opposite to be true??:(

    ZTR's are limited by rear frame clearance. Some are better than others. And also by how high the deck lifts in the center.

    A WB can climb any size curb.....well almost. It will clear any curb that is less than the height of the front casters when you pull the mower all the way back toward you (wheelie).

    Simply "wheelie" the mower as far back as possible, approach curb, push handles foreward. If rear tires come off the macadam, then you have to put a little "elbow grease" into it and bully it foreward till the rear tires touch the curb. Then the tires will grab and pull it right up. Is this what you are calling "difficult"? :eek:

    I've never wrestled a bear, but getting a WB up on a curb isn't/shouldn't be all that bad!
  4. eggy

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    The first bear I wrestled seem to go done easier the my walk behind goes up on curbs! ( ok maybe the bear wrestling was bs) But anyway I have treid that method and it seems the deck gets caught and the tires spin leaving a nice black mark from the tires! It is a belt drive, maybe its out of adjustment, but I really dont belive so....So go foward at the curb instead of reverse and angle?
  5. TLS

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    Straight on, let deck support mower, then push foreward as your tires are spinning, it'll grab and hop right up.

    How were you doing it? Going Backwards:confused:

    BTW the blades must be OFF for this to not get SCAREY :eek:
  6. eggy

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    I was going in reverse..hmmm...I was going up curbs with the walk behind in the same way I would a ZTR...hmmm Maybe making some blocks or something could help?
  7. kutnkru

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    Not to sound like a complete idiot but wouldnt it be just as easy to park closer to their driveway so that you could just use that instead of hopping curbs???

    If this isnt an option you could try putting the machine into a lower gear at the curb so that when the unit does get traction it wont be marring the curbs so much.

    You could always cut a 45* angle off a 4x4 and cut it to size and use this to help with your idea for cribbing along the curbs.
  8. morning dew

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    For years I have put the WB over curbs by backing it up. I use Bunton & Bobcat WB's which have good clearance for backing over curbs.

    I've tried going forward but that only results in excessive deck wear, marred curbs, sweating & cussin. So I teach all workers now to go backwards over curbs. Very quick with no hassle.

  9. tsmiff1

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    What he is referring to is the islands that are commonly found on commercial properties that usually border parking lots and the streets. I don't think someone would be out there scratching their head over this if they could just simply enter from the driveway.
    I have a JD walkbehind and was faced with the same situation. I used to go at an angle but this was grinding the bottom of my gear box too bad. Now I back it up and give it a good tug at the point the tires hit the curb.
  10. olabob

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    Sounds like you need to hit the gym...

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