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Walk behinds, who still uses them?

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by uncle kevin, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. uncle kevin

    uncle kevin LawnSite Member
    Messages: 13

    Since the introduction of the ZTR and Stand-on mowers. I'm curious how many LCO's still use walk behinds?

    If you do, how many do you have?

    What Brand/Model do you have?

    What widths/horsepower do you have?

    I think it'll be interesting to see if, or how many, of these are still depended on today.

    Uncle Kevin
  2. Dawson

    Dawson LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,414

    Bought a gravely 36inch wb back when i was starting my business....it did the job and i kept it for almost ten years,last 7 years as a back yard mower. traded it in for a 34 dixie chopper rider which i had for 9 years and recently sold that and bought a 36 gravely pro stance. I have 0 interest or need to ever own another wb

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  3. cschade

    cschade LawnSite Member
    Messages: 22

    I run a Lesco 48" belt drive. 15 horsepower. It is perfect for my needs. Some people hate belt drives but for the kind of cutting I do (wide, open yards often an acre of more) it is the best thing I have found. Maintence is a lot cheaper than a hydro or ZTR
  4. sjessen

    sjessen LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Knoxville, Tn
    Messages: 20,591

    Walk behinds and riders are about a 50-50% mix in this area. Standoffs maybe 3-5%. I have run wbs for all of my time as an lco (beginning my 25th season). Main mower is a 60" Exmark Turf Tracer, also have a 48" Turf Tracer and a 30" Exmark. Purchased a 60" Vantage when they first came out in '12 but use it less than the Turf Tracer. I really enjoy the Vantage but with the hills, etc on my properties the was ae a bit faster overall.

    The hp on the 60" is 23; the 48 is 17hp. The Vantage has a 26hp Efi using the old system. Btw, I really like the efi

    After so many years the ecs controls my hands hurt a good bit at times. The z type controls on the standon mowers are much better ergonomically.
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    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 18,964

    Tons of guys in my area still run them. Big and small companies. A lot are belt drives too!

    I have a 52 exmark metro. Belt drive 16hp vanguard. Used to have a snapper pro 36/&32 and JD 36.. Few others.
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  6. CGros31

    CGros31 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 981

    I hardly see any walk-behinds in my area. Most LCO's, including myself, run ZTR's.
  7. sjessen

    sjessen LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Knoxville, Tn
    Messages: 20,591

    From my reading most parts of the country are like your area. One of our local dealers was told by his distributor that he sells more walk behinds than the entire state of Florida and he is not a huge dealer.

    My understanding is that walk behinds are more expensive to build (labor) than z's so the manufacturers are pushing those instead which also helps explain why walk behinds are becoming as pricy as riders.
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  8. CGros31

    CGros31 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 981

    I also think that because of the flat land and the sizes of the properties that are cut in the south, ZTR's are the better option. I know for me personally, not many of my properties would be great for a walk-behind mower. Thinking about it now, my John Deere dealer doesn't even have walk-behinds in stock.
  9. sjessen

    sjessen LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Knoxville, Tn
    Messages: 20,591

    If it weren't for our hills we'd be the same as your area.
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  10. weeze

    weeze Banned
    Messages: 17,196

    they don't even sell walkbehinds or standers in my area. they have 1 stander at the deere dealer and it's been sitting there over a year now.

    all everyone uses is ztrs and 21" mowers for tight areas.

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