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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GoBrowns247, May 15, 2006.

  1. GoBrowns247

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    Does anyone walk right up to a house that needs work and offer to give an estimate. I did it the other day and got the job ! Its just a simple lawn install, but still, its more money in my pocket. Does anyone else do this ? Does it work ? I might do this all the time if it works a few more times. Any info you guys could give me would be great. Thanks.:usflag: :drinkup:
  2. BCF

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    I did that a few years ago. THere was this house that desperatley needed a new fence, so I stopped by on my way from the quarry. I even bought a few ears of corn off the people, gave 'em my card, but never heard back. I think about it sometimes, but then decide that the homeowners must not care, or be able to afford a new fence, if they let it go as long as they have.
  3. jazak

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    It works for me all the time. One time I was knocking on doors for lawns care well I get the job and I saw that their backyard was washing away I told them and got to do a $20+ retaining wall, topsoil, and new landscaping.
  4. topsites

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    I don't do door-to-door because one day I'll step onto some Lco's contracted yard and accidentally steal some work that's already been planned. Doesn't matter if the customer knows about it (thou most do, some forget), if it's on a contract...

    The reason I know this is because it happens to me, then the customer still has to pay a basic charge when I come out and the work's already done, they're usually not too amused at this point but then I don't like door-to-door salesmen either.

    At the same rate, thanks for doing the work so I can get paid just to go look. I'd still rather have the whole job because it's a lot more money, but I'm willing to compromise. The last thing they want thou, these door-to-door Lco's best hope I don't show up one day to come do the work, arriving an hour or so after they done got started because all it will take is some cute answer to my questions and someone's going to jail and I don't care if it's me.
  5. fulano

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    That is some tough talk. :hammerhead: I wonder who will be laughing when the door to door guy sues and garnishes wages or takes your business.
  6. Shawns Lawns

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    I have not gone door to door to solicit business, but i have sent out flyer's to homes that are in need of some lawn maintenance. I actually have the envelopes, stamps and flyer's in the truck and when i see a home i put the address on it and put it in the mail. My most recent customer acquired this way was this past Saturday.:waving:

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