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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by A.J.B. Farms, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. A.J.B. Farms

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    I have a 1996 Toro Proline walkbehind with mulching blades. The cut appearance doesn't look good. It is missing blades of grass. I have sharpened the blades, lowered the height to 3", and have slowed down the mowing speed to speed 2...and it still seems to not cut some blades of grass! When i double mow it, the apperance looks great because it cuts the blades of grass that were missed the first pass. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments of how to elimate a second pass over what was already mowed???
    Also, considering buying a Walker mower, any pros and cons about them?

    Thank you!
  2. yardguy28

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    in my experience this occurs when there is a lot of moisture in the grass. the mower seems to bend the blades over, not cut them and stand them back up.

    I'm getting that now with some of my properties. I'm using a 52" toro grandstand.

    I've checked everything out on the mower and nothing seems wrong on the mower that would cause this. double cutting helps in most situations.

    in my case I know it can't be the mower because A I checked everything out and B all 3 of the mowers I use are getting similar results.

    don't know if that's your case but its just a suggestion.
  3. macgyver_GA

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    Which mulching blades are you using? Do they have any lift to them?
  4. yardguy28

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    personally I'm NOT using mulching.

    I exclusively use high lifts.
  5. JMK Lawn Service

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    I get this problem mainly in yards or areas where grass may be tall enough to cut, but is thin. After the drought a lot of places are having this problem. If i slow down it can help a lot. I am using a 54" ZTR. When the grass is thin it seems to get laid down by the wind of the blades and doesnt get picked up. If the grass is thick, it all stays standing up and the suction of the deck works better. I use High lift blades only. I have bad luck with Mulching blades
  6. Turf Commando

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    Sometimes mulch blades don't work with every mower deck.
    Use a high lift blade results vary but chances are it will eliminate issue.
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  7. A.J.B. Farms

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    Thank you for the tips...I think I will try the High Lift Blades!
  8. C Jovingo Landscaping

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    A.J.B. what size proline do you have? I have a 36" proline that seems to leave a lil streak of grass between the 2 blades. The spindles are not offset, so there is no overlap of blades like my 44" proline with center spindle further forward & outer blades set in a bit, so there is overlap. If I line the blade tips up on my 36", there is about 1/4" gap between them, leaving the lil streak uncut. I bought the 36" used & not sure if it even has the correct blades for the mower & I don't know if all 36's are this way.
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  9. yardguy28

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    sounds to me like maybe you don't have to correct blades but I'm not saying I'm an expert.

    I personally have never seen a mower that doesn't have offset spindles. my 36" metro has offset spindles.

    but if your spindles aren't offset then the blades have to be the issue.
  10. C Jovingo Landscaping

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    Pretty sure the spindles are even on the deck (1 is not further forward than the other). Backup mower now, so I'd have to take another look. It may be on of the first toro prolines! Not sure when they were introduced but i estimate it to be about 18yrs old.
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