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walkbehind edger


LawnSite Senior Member
columbia Md
i just started pushing edging this year. i had only been edging the 4 commercials but i did some reaserech and found i could make some real money. i have a old craftsman i've been using and just got the stihll fs75 stick edger. but i need a new walk behind. what do u use and the pros and cons. what would u recommend? thanks<p>nick


LawnSite Senior Member
Northern NJ
I HAVE A LITTLE WONDER COMMERCIAL 5HP.<br>Major complaint is that the belts slip when the going gets tough on a new customer the wasn't edged in years.<br>Major plus is that I saw it by the curb being thrown away with nothing wrong but a cracked spark plug !<p>jeff


LawnSite Bronze Member
South Bend, IN
Trick for edging those walks that haven't been done for years (Little Wonder takes a 10&quot; blade, most others at least 9&quot;): keep an old used blade for this type of edging. On the same machine, you have a lot more power delivered at cutting tip with a 7&quot; blade than with a 9&quot; or 10&quot;, and will reduce belt wear and slippage.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
I mentioned this in a different conversation regarding drivebelts on walk behind mowers but it applies to this too. Go to the hardware or auto store and pick up a canof belt dressing (couple of bucks). Just a SMALL squirt on the inside of the belt, it'll work like new! Wel, provided that the belt isn't TOO worn out.