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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Nick R, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Nick R

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    from wv
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    Hi, I've been a reader on hear for about a year. I'm in need of a new mower. I have 1 1/3 acre of hilly land to mow and most of it is to steep for a lawn tractor. About 1/3 of property has to be weed wacked because of steepness. I have used a 21 inch mower for the last 7 years but it is killing me. I mow about every 6 days due to septic system, grass grows really fast. What would be better a 36in or 48in belt wb for hilly terrain?? I also have a small above ground pool and playground to mow around. Thanks in advance Mike
  2. pcnservices

    pcnservices LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have very little expierence of mowing hilly terrain (midwest is mostly flat) but I would like to think that the 36" w/b would be a better option in your situation.
    The 36" will be lighter to handle and manuvre on those steep areas and you have less chance of scalping the lawn with the narrower deck in those tricky areas.
    If you were used to mow this lot with a 21" and weed wacking the rest then the 36" w/b will be a breeze for you.
    Good Luck
  3. PaulJ

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    I think a 48" HYDRO would be best for hills and slopes the wider stance gives more stability and the hydro gives you more control.

    I used to mow a steep road ditch with a 48" Snapper Hydro we would mow across it the slope was at least 8 -10 ft tall and at least 45-50 deg slope. I would angle the mower uplhill some like an airplane flying in a cross wind. I don't think I could have done that with a belt drive.
  4. Sauls1686

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    I have to man handle my Scag 48" belt drive on hills. It's kind of a pain if you get it facing down the hill (or ditch) and you need to back up.

    A 36" wouldnt be a bad idea--if you can spend the Xtra I would go with a Scag hydro. You should be able to get decent money out of it when you go to sell since you wont be using it much.
  5. Nick R

    Nick R LawnSite Member
    from wv
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    I only have about 3,000 to spend so I think the Hydro would be out of the question. Also, I don't want to buy used equipment. I quess that only lives me with the belt option. I thought the wider the deck the more stable the mower would be on a hill. thanks
  6. PLI1

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    48" and nothing other than a hydro. Don't even think about a belt drive.

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