Walkbehind or Rider?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by trimmer, Aug 9, 2000.

  1. trimmer

    trimmer LawnSite Senior Member
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    I recently bought a Toro Z-Master and blew the seal under the flywheel forcing me to use my 36" walkbehind. While using this mower I noticed that even though you have to stand up all day it was much more comftorable to operate than my rider your not getting julted around as much. I was just wondering what the rest of you prefer. I think for my next mower I am going to really look into a hydro walkbehind.

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  2. lawnsurfer

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    I'm in the process (been ongoing for a little)of looking for a mower. I like the standon mowers they have the benefit of a rider speed wise and maneuverability and you don't take the jolts. I talked with Alamia they quoted me $5000 shipped. They stated that it is shipped ready to go from the crate. They also explained why they could not sell wright standers or Scag outside of Colorado because the dealers in the u.s. were complaining. I probably will go with them. Hope this helps
  3. lawnsurfer

    lawnsurfer LawnSite Member
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    Sorry it was for the Great Dane super surfer with 17 kaw 52"
  4. Northwest

    Northwest LawnSite Member
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    Just talked to a person who works for another company that uses a surfer. They said they like the walk behind better because with the surfer you are leaning forward on the pad and cannot bend your knees and absorb the shock as well as you can riding on a velke.
  5. AB Lawn Care

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    I own 2 walker mowers and 1 scag 36'' 14hp dual hydro walkbehind.We bought the walkbehind to do hills small yards and to get behind gates.We are now thinking of going to only walkbehinds for residential work.Our scag cuts much better than our walkers and is a real work horse.We put a sweeper on it in the spring for claen-ups,cut for the season,use a bagger for leafs in the fall,and in the winter use the sweeper and a 44'' blade for snow removal.We are also thinking of getting a 44'' snow blower for it this winter.I think that wright standers and great danes are great mowers but for me I would never buy one becouse they can not handle any attachments like my scag can.I think we will be buying a 54'' walkbehing next with a sulky for large residential jobs.Oh 1 more thing dual hydro is the ONLY way to go!
  6. Evan528

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    before you give up on ztr's for residentials... try the z master or lazer. Dont assume all riders handle the same as a walker.... walkers are slow and bulky.. a z master/lazer is very compact fast and manueverable... not to mention the sweet quality of cut the z master gives :).
  7. AB Lawn Care

    AB Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ontario
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    Evan528-I really don't think that a Z master or laser would be better than a walker!First off they are not slow.My walker goes 8mph,if you went any faster than 8mph on a residential job you would most likely get compaints from the home owner.As well I don't think they are bulky they are not nearly as wide as a toro or laser.I also heard that the grounds master does not give an awsome cut.If I remember corectly laser said that he owns both lasers and grounds masters and that the grounds master does not have nearly as good of a cut as the laser.Just my opinion from what I have learned about from others on this fourm.

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