Walkbehind VS Stander.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Pietro, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Pietro

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    I currently have a 36 Toro walkbehind. Its pretty new. I paid 3100 for it. Our friday route has 11 large houses in 1 development. 3-4 have big big backyards, but small gates. I hate to get rid of the clients because were already there......but the 36 takes awhile..im asking those that have standers..........how much faster are they vs a 36 walkbehind with a velky? Im tempted to sell my walkbehind and get a stander, but its gotta be faster.
  2. Rvldesign

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    i currently have a 36" v ride and a 36" exmark metro with velkie. the v ride is way faster and much easier on the body in my opinion plus the stand on you can back up with no problem where as the walk behind i cant. my stand on is also alot easier to operate just like a ztr is. many people will say the smaller stand on will not hold hills but i have not really had any problems with hills or rutting to much. the vride also fells to be about 2 as fast as my metro but that would just be me. i can mow wide open with the vride which they say is like 7-8 mph and keep a straight line and can usually only do 3 gear on the walk behind which i guess to be about 3-4 mph bc of turning and controlling the machine.if you a smaller operation i would highly suggest the stand. during the month of febuary scag is offering a fleet pricing on their vride mowers which is 20%. let us know if you decide to get a new machine. or if you have questions about the vride.
  3. Pietro

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    Well put. We do about 100 weekly accounts. We need a 36 for the gates. I want one, just dont wanna fork over the cash. Im going to demo a grandstand prolly this spring.
  4. cpllawncare

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    YES! Go with the stander, either the scag or the toro will be a good choice, we use GS's so i'm biased toward them but I've always heard good things about the v rides. As for holding hills our 40" does just fine, so it's not an issue at least for us, You just have to remember to always keep the nose of the mower headed uphill that's really the key.

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