Walker 26hpEFI 48" GHS DEMO

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnkid, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. lawnkid

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    On Friday I was able to pick up a Walker 26hp EFI 48" GHS mower from a local shop and I was allowed to use it all weekend and I just got home from dropping it off now. All I can say is that it is an AWESOME MOWER! It was a huge timesaver and allowed me to pick up some additional leaf cleanups. Here are some Pro's and Con's that I saw

    -Performed flawlessly on wet/dry leaves and tall grass
    -Very easy operation
    -Hopper packs well
    -Excellent Cut
    -Great striping abilities
    -Easy dumping of hopper
    -Easy deck height adjustment
    -Flip up deck for easy cleaning/unclogging
    -Very powerful, never boged down once
    -Solidly built
    -Great features and available options
    * Warning attracts many neighbors *

    -Loud when running ful throttle
    -Occasionally it gets clogged under deck when going to fast
    -Leaves lots of tire marks even on 3pt turns

    Other than those couple Con's I was very impressed by it's performance. I could definitely see myself purchasing one in the next 2 years. Overall I give it a 9.5. Now I can trully see why those who have them brag about them so much.
  2. MOW ED

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    I agree.

    leaf03 013.jpg
  3. Ax Man

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    If you buy one your tire marks will dissapear ( as you get better at turning it)
    They are my favorite toy for sure.
    Wish I had a 26 efi...
  4. cantoo

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    This thread is a good reason why it is important to demo a mower on your properties. If the lawnkid had read all the threads on Walkers and formed his opinion based on them he not likely would even consider one.
  5. LB Landscaping

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    Lawnkid great review!!! Glad to see you might be following the cult!!!!! lol. Walkers are great mowers despite what you might read. Everyone has there opinions and Walkers are not for every situation. Sounds like it would fit your needs very well. I on my second season with mine and it has been trouble free. I have no regrets about buying it and I'm sure you won't either when your ready to take the plunge.
  6. Curtis

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    We've got both of our Walker's running pretty hard now , this year we're trying to round up the leaves with the Dixie and a couple of Gators to reduce some volume and save time on large areas , seems to be more effecient .

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