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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowman, Jul 10, 2001.

  1. Mowman

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    Hey guy's / gal's. Just wanted to let everyone know what I found out when I Demoed the 52" Walker SD. I tried it with the mulch kit, was not at all impressed. I was only taking maybe an 11/2 of dry grass and it was bunching up and blowing all over me. Then they took out the baffles and to my SURPRISE the double blade set-up CHEWED up the grass and not one clipping laying on top. I was totaly IMPRESSED with this deck. It sure will BEAT double cutting everything that I now have to do with my 54" SD.
    I'm getting a leftover 99 deck for $1300.00, a far cry from the $1900 that they want for a 2001 model.
    So do you think I'm heading in the right direction going to the 52"w/ double blades versus the 54" w/ single blade set-up. I need your advice before I make my purchase.


  2. coalburner

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    I have a 52" sd and with the mulching kit baffels it really builds up and clumps, with just the mulching blades it works great.

    Does the 99 deck tilt up? I sure wish mine did.

    I have tryed double blades but my yard is to thin and dust goes every where.
  3. captdevo

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    i never did like the bafffles, i've been running the 52" w/o baffles for quite a while and love it!
  4. OwenS

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    I use both the 52" with double blades and the 54" with single SD.

    I like the 52" better in almost all conditions, and if I could, I would

    trade my 54" back for a 52".

    Good luck.
  5. Rodney Johns

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    News for owners. Walker will soon discontinue the 54" deck so be aware of these changes. It will now become a 56" deck and also a 74" deck will be available next year. If it were me I prefer the 52" deck anyway. No gearboxes to destoy. I think that has been the opinion of most Walker owners which is why the 54 is on the way out.

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