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Walker 62 side discharge

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Indiana, Aug 26, 2001.

  1. Indiana

    Indiana LawnSite Member
    Messages: 246

    I have a Walker 20 hp w/48 GHS deck. I would like to put a 62 side discharge on it.

    My question is does anybody have a 20 hp w/62 SD on it already to tell me if it runs it fine.

    I was considering getting a 48 SD deck, I have one of these already but got to thinking is it stupid to have two of the same decks.

    I mow some pretty big sites and thought the 62 would be best.

  2. captdevo

    captdevo LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 932

    i've run 62" decks on 20hp, they do ok. you would be better with 52" or a 54" / 56" gear driven though (gear driven are smoother and require less hp). you should be able to get 54" decks for good prices now that they are ending production on them and making a 56".
  3. Indiana

    Indiana LawnSite Member
    Messages: 246

    I know a guy that has a used 62 SD deck for sale and was wondering if I was getting into a bigger deck than I should.

    He wants a decent price and says it works good. Boxes don't leak, etc...

    I figure I will probably buy it. Gotta go to Green Bay to get it. So I will make a family trip out of it over Labor Day.

    Thanks for the info.
  4. captdevo

    captdevo LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 932

    if the price is right, go for it.

    in really tall wet grass, you may have to go a little slower, but you should be fine.

    keep the pulleys well greased and it should last you a long time.

    the 52" and 62" decks are some of the toughest on the market

    Good luck!!
  5. gene gls

    gene gls LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,213


    I have a 62" deck for my 20HP and it works fine. Its hard switching decks on the trailer. My problem is arthrits in my hands.It takes about half hour to switch decks.I am hoping to get a new power unit for the 62". I was leaning toward the 26efi but now have heard that the Walker hydro units are maxed out with the 20 HP and there are hydro problems on the 26efi units. We ( myself and 2 other LCO) demoed a new Walker two weeks ago that had one slipping.

  6. captdevo

    captdevo LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 932

    gene gls


    I have not had any problems with any hydros slipping from horsepower.

    i have 2 26hp efi's with over 400 hours and have had no problems.

    this is new to me, i've never heard that before.

    i run brooms, snowblowers, aerators and blades on them too.
    You would think that the added attachments would be hard on them, i've had no hydro problems.

    yes, the 62" decks can be hard to change on a trailer because of their size and weight....
  7. Indiana

    Indiana LawnSite Member
    Messages: 246

    I am trying to make my mind up whether to proceed with this 62 deck or go with a 54 SD that I also found.

    Both are used decks, and the LCO's that use them say they are in good running order. I believe them. I have no reason not to.

    I am concerned about the weight, but 54 or 62 decks are still heavy. Either one will be hard to change. I hope it will save time.

    Not had any trouble with slipping hydros. I haven't run any decks though other than 48's.
  8. Mowman

    Mowman LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 553

    I also had a heck of a time changing my deck till I saw my mechanic do it. When they had it off this spring to install the new gear box he said it would take him 2 minutes to put it on. YEA RIGHT, to my surprise he had it on in less than 2 minutes by himself. He takes 2 2x4's and puts them in back of the deck and linds up the pins and drives it on up to the PTO then just slides it in. Totally AMAZED me. Since then I've done it twice and can now put it on by myself in less than 5 minutes. If I remember correctly my 54" weighs in at about 225-250#. It's like anything else there are TRICKS to the TRADE to get the job done easier and faster.
  9. gene gls

    gene gls LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,213

    Glad to hear you have no problems with your hydros. The only difference I could see between my 20HP and the 26efi was the efi would start at an idle.

    mowman: Thanks for the 2X4 trick, I will have to try it. I really love the 62" SD deck.

  10. captdevo

    captdevo LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 932

    i use 4x4's to hold my decks, i keep most my decks at 3 1/2" cutting height.

    the rear dolly wheel is not quite high enough and will not stop the deck from sliding.

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