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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by djscott, Apr 7, 2006.

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    Ok guys, first let me apoligize, I dont cut for a living. I do need some advise from the guys that know the most. Heres my deal, I have a 2005 Dixie chopper Silver Eagle that I'm selling. I only mow 2 acres residential and I have a hard time justifing the price tag. Call it buyers remorse if you will. With the $$ that I get from the dixie I can pay off a credit card and buy a used mower. I found a 1993 Walker mtsd 20 hp with a 52" mulching deck that was used for residential use and has 1200 hrs. The price is 2650.00. Is that a good deal and can I get parts fairly easy.Whats your thoughts, The mower is in really good condition considering its age. Thanks.
  2. djscott

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    Move to the top please.
  3. gene gls

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    Yes, that is a good deal. The 20 hp Kolher should run 2000+ hours. I got 2900 hours out of one of mine. No problem getting Walker parts.
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    I would say that is a good deal. I have heard of Walkers with alot of more hours on it and it still runs great.
  5. SoMaineGrass

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    I run that same year machine everyday. Our company has owned the machine since new and we have run a 62" deck on it of many years. Just be aware that some basic changes have been made like the motor is different. It's mechanically the same but is mounted 180 degrees from the newer ones. This should never be a problem unless you need to order one. The newest speed-up kit may not work on this machine but it's just for your lawn. That machine with the all terrain tires will side-hill where the Dixie won't. Believe me, I can do some sick things with my Dixie Extreme and would never be without it now but I still have to pull out the old Walker SD for the most ridiculous hills. It will do crazy hills at any angle meaning diagonally, up and down or side-hill. You should love it.
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    [Walker SD for the most ridiculous hills. It will do crazy hills at any angle meaning diagonally, up and down or side-hill. You should love it.[/QUOTE]

    My 48" Ghs Walker with all terrians will not always get traction to climb hills! Theres not enough weight on the wheels of the Walker to drive straight up a very steep hill, you normally have to back up something steep. And for side hill handling anything really steep you actually have to work it, because the machine starts to wanting to switch ends and it takes a lot of little correction to fix that, although you will not get the straightest mowing lines for stripes. But i heard the machines with 52" decks and larger weigh more and that gives more weight to the drive tires so you can actually drive straight up hills unlike machines with lighter decks! Not sure if thats true or not but i know i have a lawn that is between 35 and 45 degrees and its a hand ful and climbing straight up it is a biatch!

    But 93 Walker sounds like a very good buy you will be happy with it and Walker claims to have the machines last 5000 hours so even if you get 2500 out of it you will probally never see that high of hours because you only maintain your personal lawn. Good Luck
  7. djscott

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    Thanks alot guys, I'm going to buy it today then.again, thanks

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